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20+ years of trial law experience at your service

Davis& Partners is a Cameroon-based law firm comprised of several litigation lawyers. With many years of practice, our lawyers offer incomparable service and expertise for anyone concerned with how they will be represented in court. Cabinet Davis & partners is a team of lawyers and paralegals who shall work for you to always obtain the best results. If you would like more information on our company or legal services please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to help you in court and before going to court.


Every legal situation is unique, and its uniqueness is why you should trust an expert. Don't waste time and money on independent searches or inexperienced advisors.

Let us get it right for you from the start. We are a team of dedicated Cameroon lawyers and paralegals. From the first telephone call, one of our paralegals will gather the necessary information to evaluate your needs and our ability to help you. Without obligation on your part or ours, we will obtain knowledge to open your file, the names and coordinates of other parties to the action or transaction, and a brief chronology of the facts. we will guide you on the essential documents to bring for an initial meeting with one of the lawyers and will attempt to identify the issues and your need for support. we will also give you information on our fees.

This information will ensure that we can help you from the first meeting. To begin the relationship, you must agree to a contract for professional services based on your needs and the means of payment adapted to your situation (fixed rate, hourly rate, percentage, or other). Contact our lawyers today for a consultation.

Davis& Partners