Labour law

Labour law

Labour lawyers  & employment lawyers, we have the experience in labour law to help employers and employees as well

Experienced employment lawyers in Cameroon available to assist both employers and employees in labour law.

Labour law includes the laws governing relationships between employers and workers. It regulates training, execution of an employment contract, breach of an employment contract. In matters concerning labour law, we can help workers in difficult workplace situations.

  • Your boss gives you problems.
  • You are the victim of harassment or discrimination at work.
  • You are wrongfully dismissed without just cause.

If you are going through one of these situations, and are non-unionized, and you feel your rights are not being respected, call us. Our labour lawyers will inform you of your rights and make sure your rights are respected.

How our employment lawyers can help you if you are an employer looking for answers about labour law.

When you encounter a problem with an employee, it is advisable to try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise the problem will just drag on. The advice of one of our labour lawyers can help you to understand your rights, employment law and procedures that apply to your situation.

  • You have a serious problem with an employee.
  • You wish to dismiss and employee and you aren't sure how to do it, what your rights are or what the employee's rights are
  • You want to impose sanctions against one of your employees and you need someone to guide you through the process.

our labour lawyers can provide the following services related to employment law:

  • Legal advice
  • Employment contracts – drafting
  • Labor relations – day to day management
  • Representation at trials related to employment