Our team


Martins Davis Eyong


Martin is the founding member of Davis& Partners. A lawyer and a mediator in civil and commercial matters, for the first 20 years of his professional career Martins Davis worked as a psychologist. He was thus able to develop an ability to negotiate and to mediate. his extensive expertise in organizational behaviour, industrial psychology, and human resource best practice analysis, make Martins Davis a valued ally in civil and contract law proceedings.

John Abantcha


 John is an experienced lawyer who combatively and successfully defends his clients. He regularly appears in all Cameroon courts.

Before joining Davis & Partners' team, John worked with several lawyers in Cameroon and France. His practice of law was mainly in civil litigation. He also has several years of experience as a corporate litigation lawyer with an Eastern European telecommunications company.

Pragmatic, practical, and results-oriented, John understands the legal issues of each file. Furthermore, with his mission at heart, John puts in place all the necessary efforts to find solutions adapted to the needs of his clients.

Peter Ayuk


Peter is responsible for the important decisions and manages the whole team. Peter is a lawyer who can put himself in an active listening position. He has an incredible ability to apprehend your fears and he will adapt the defense of YOUR file according to YOUR needs. His remarkable analytical capacities and efficiency at work, as well as her unparalleled sense of accountability, make his an outstanding lawyer and entrepreneur. His practice of law is distinguished by excellent listening and by a personalized follow-up of quality of each client's file.

Before becoming a lawyer, he worked in a company for more than 10 years. He has held several marketing and commercial positions. That is why, from the beginning of her legal career, Peter adopted the "boutique" firm model in order to be closer to his clients, and to offer legal services directly to entrepreneurs. Peter  works with a small team. He has chosen to foster a corporate culture based on cooperation and support.